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Power to the Lazy Kids...

What am I? Awake by day, asleep by night. Power indeed to the lazy kids

My Neighbor Totoro (1988)

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What exactly is rare about the cheesecake…?

Shit. eating. drunk.
I’m in the SOUTH end. like near Sea-tac. I’ve given up all hope at getting home that night. I’ve resigned myself to sleeping at the bus stop until morning buses. Lo and behold, the LAST #7 bus comes from…I don’t even know…like a rip in the spacetime continuum. Like an avenging angel come to protect it’s children….I get on this bus, knowing that the CLOSEST it’s going to get me is downtown. (I lived in the U-district).
NOT ONLY did the driver ask me where I was going, and take me along the route WAY FARTHER than the final scheduled stop (near safeco).
Dude took me ALL THE WAY to the U-district and then went ONE FURTHER and dropped my wasted ass off at my fucking front doorstep.
I tried to offer the guy a twenty and he looked at me like I handed him a dirty kleenex.
I never saw him again. I’ll never forget him.
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The lovely Hoya Vine I have growing in my back yard <3 there’s always at least one cluster of buds at some different stage in the blooming process


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“We live in a shockingly beautiful world. We are walking through the living kingdom of heaven every day; the colours, the sound, the love of others, the potential to create, the plants, wildlife, nature, music, all sensations and life…but if we refuse to see colour and beauty we may as well be in Hell. Maybe an animated band was the best way of announcing this.” 

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Night Vale Inspires — Part 2 :]

Part 1: [x]

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Hügelkultur (German, meaning “hill culture” or “mound culture”) is the garden concept of building raised beds over decaying wood piles. Decayed timbers become porous and retain moisture while releasing nutrients into the soil that, in turn, promote root growth in plant materials. As the logs decay, they expand and contract, creating air pockets that assist in aerating the soil, allowing roots to easily penetrate the soil. This decaying environment creates a beneficial home to earthworms. As the worms burrow into the soil, they loosen the soil and deposit nutrient-rich worm castings, beneficial to plants. An earthworm can produce its weight in castings on a daily basis.  

The best decayed wood for a Hügelkultur, according to A Growing Culture, comes from alders, applewood, cottonwood, poplar, maple and birch. Use wood products that have been in the process of decay for about a year (using green, or fresh, wood products will rob the soil of necessary nitrogen). Some wood products, like cedar and black walnut, should be avoided because they produce organisms that negatively effect plant growth.   

Read more at A Growing Culture

Also a rad way to sequester carbon that would more-often-than-not be burned.

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Advertisement in “Thrasher Magazine” (1996)

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Who has not asked himself at some time or other: am I a monster or is this what it means to be a person? - Clarice Lispector, The Hour of the Star (via paveo)

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